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Happy new year 2023

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

New year - new website - new me

Photo credit @brandonrobson

2023 has begun with a few exciting jobs on the cards. It’s also seen the launch of my new website and also this blog.

Writing here has been a breath of fresh air in comparison with posting on social media.

It gives the freedom to express myself in whichever way I want without the self doubt or questioning how many views or likes it may get. I'm not constrained to a 4x5 portrait crop and don’t have to worry about the latest image matching up on an Instagram grid. It feels like I'm free.

In other news I’m heading to Portugal at the end of January with a good friend on a four day motorcycle adventure. I’ll be adding a post on that during February which I hope you come back to read. There will be lots of photographs, snippets of my experiences, places we visited and travel tips.

Wishing you happiness and health during this new year.


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