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From as long as I remember, I've always loved and felt happiest in the countryside and surrounded by nature. Fortunate to have grown up in rural Northumberland, it’s no surprise that I choose to specialise in outdoor lifestyle, landscape and nature photography.


Many lessons at school were spent staring out of the window yearning for the outdoors. So after completing my formal high school education, I went on to study photography at Newcastle College in 2004, where I learned the foundations of the art. I continued on to have a successful run of photographing weddings and local sporting events. 


However, being young and keen to earn my keep, my career took a different course and I trained to become a carpenter/joiner. This lead to a decade of self-employment and providing high quality joinery services across the North-East.


Whilst still keeping my chisels sharp and saw close to hand, I strongly felt the urge to pursue and follow the path I set out on, which was to become a photographer. I started picking up my camera at any given opportunity and photographed the great outdoors as much as possible. 

My main aim is to share the wonderful places I visit and my interactions with wildlife, in the hope of galvanising others to reconnect with nature. My other aim is to build a strong commercial portfolio and work with companies who have the same values and passion for the natural environment in which we live. 


I hope my photographs leave you feeling inspired.



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